A Cheatsheet for Buying & Selling Your Ranch Property with Less Stress

The Lindi Camaron Team

Whether interested in an intimate ranch home with private acreage or a large swath of land to support livestock, the process of buying and selling ranch property requires a few extra steps. When searching or listing houses for sale in Brenham, TX, on acreage, it’s always best to partner with an agent familiar with the area and property type. By following this cheatsheet, you’ll reduce the likelihood of a stressful real estate transaction.

Tips for buying ranch property

Brenham is a great location for buyers interested in ranch property. This small town in Texas has a tight-knit community and features beautiful nature views, a culturally rich downtown, and spacious real estate for all types of buyers.

Know your goals for buying

Buyers looking for ranches for sale in Brenham, Texas, should have goals in mind before starting a search. Real estate like Class-A ranches offer the best in wildlife habitat and cattle operations and are more likely to hold their value over time. Buyers interested in the recreational side of ranch life should limit their search to smaller ranches that require less upkeep and are nearby natural amenities like lakes or rivers.

Meanwhile, buyers interested in a ranch property that can support cattle or horses need to look for home features that offer livestock accommodations. This includes an area with access to water and water rights, land without environmental restrictions, and properties large enough to support operations.  Many buyers choose to have a mixed ranch property that can support recreational pursuits using the passive income a ranch provides.

Choose the right location

The next step is to choose the right location. Small towns like Brenham offer the perfect mix of rural ranch living and nearby amenities. As the central hub of Washington County, Brenham has a great arts and entertainment scene. Events like the Summer Sip & Art Walk Downtown bring residents together to view local art and visit the boutiques in the Historic District. Brenham is also only an hour's drive from megapolitan centers like Houston and Austin.

Buyers should research an area’s regulations and restrictions, zoning laws, and access to natural amenities. Also, research how close the ranch is to the town’s essential services, such as grocery stores, health care centers, and auto repair shops. When considering larger property purchases, buyers should take a deep look at property taxes in the area.

Gather necessary resources

When buyers are sure about the location, they must gather the necessary resources to buy and maintain a ranch home. Foster relationships with professionals who can manage cattle, record income, and navigate the ranching market and industry. Having connections with professionals who understand property access, water quality, and zoning will also be valuable.

Partner with an agent

The best thing buyers can do when starting a search is to partner with local agents like the professionals on The Lindi Camaron Team. Agents who are familiar with ranch property purchases can point out a property’s green or red flags during viewings, offer necessary resources to buy and manage a property, and will access local MLS listings to find a property that aligns with a buyer’s goals. They’ll also negotiate an offer on their client’s behalf and assist with closing steps.

Tips for selling ranch property

Selling ranch property can be difficult depending on how much the land has been developed, the number of buildings on the property, and the value of operations happening on a ranch. Whether selling an empty plot of land, a single-family home with extensive outdoor amenities, or a functional ranch, follow these tips.

Prepare the property to sell

Preparing a ranch property to sell is much more complicated and time-extensive than simply cleaning and staging a single-family home. After the primary residence has been cleaned and staged, sellers need to tidy up the surrounding land the best they can. This may mean storing away an old tractor, fixing a worn-down fence, or making renovations to additional properties to get them in working order.

Listing the property online can also be complicated, as it’s impossible to capture a single photograph across several acres of land. An agent should be prepared to trek through the property and have resources available to photograph its best features. This may include drones, all-terrain vehicles, and tools to clear pathways.

Allocating sales price

Allocating what assets are subject to sales taxes can have a large impact on a seller’s final costs. Sellers typically aim to categorize assets in a way that favors capital gain rate taxes over income tax rates and vice versa for a buyer. Generally, livestock held greater than two years are taxed with capital gain rates, inventory and supplies are taxed at normal income rates, and equipment or buildings can qualify for depreciation recapture.

Prepare for selling costs

Sellers who list their land for sale in Brenham and close on a deal with a buyer should prepare for selling costs. Typically, sellers pay 3.43% of a property’s final sale price in closing costs. This includes expenses like title service fees, owner’s title insurance, recording fees, and any buyer incentives. A seller should also plan for property taxes for the months of the year they owned the property. The tax rate for real and personal property in Brenham is 0.4737 per $100 valuation.

Ready to buy and sell ranch property?

Ranch property can serve as a private nature escape and offer a rewarding lifestyle to those interested. When buying or listing land for sale in Brenham,  individuals should research different ranch property types, assess what types of resources they’ll need to maintain the property, and partner with a local agent who specializes in ranch homes. An agent will have the resources necessary to find listings, prepare homes, and market successfully. When you’re ready to start a home search or sale in Brenham, contact one of the experienced agents on The Lindi Camaron Team to guide you through the process.


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