Round Top

Earned its name thanks to the round tower on the postmaster's house.

Welcome to Round Top

Live big in this small town best known for its antiques.
Have you been yearning to live in an upscale small town? The popular Round Top in Texas might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. This incredible small town in Fayette County is located between Houston and Austin and was incorporated in 1870. This tiny, luxurious community is just about a square mile in area and has a population of less than 100! Apart from the antiquing, there are several other reasons you may want to buy a home and live in this unique town.
Diving into its history, Round Top earned its name thanks to the round tower on the postmaster's house. Though the population of the residents has remained stable at a few dozen households, Round Top welcomes thousands of visitors, especially during the antique fairs that occur at least twice per year.

What to Love

  • Plenty of antiques and festivals
  • A hot spot for visitors, especially during spring
  • A quiet, small town with all the conveniences of a city
  • Chic arts and culture
  • Stellar shopping and gracious Southern hospitality

Local Lifestyle

Round Top is a dream town for many people. And it isn't hard to discern why. When locals aren't enjoying the bluebonnets in the open ranches, there are a lot of other things to do and explore around town. Every spring and fall, locals and visitors have a unique opportunity to strike great deals for rare finds in the Round Top Antiques Show. Remarkably, Round Top is a place for individuals who love living in peace, away from the bustle and hustle of the big cities.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

This teeny upscale town offers incredible shopping and dining options you can't find anywhere. There are tons of venues to enjoy incomparable nightlife all year round.
First, stop by Ellis Motel and enjoy southern culinary and Texan drinks in this art-filled location. And if you need to add a piece of art-inspired furniture to your home, you can explore many options from here.
For Italian cuisine lovers, locals here will recommend Lulu's Restaurant without giving it a second thought. Sipping tasty craft beverages brewed locally at Rohan Meadery can be another adventure to help you fall in love with Round Top, Texas.
Do you want a taste of real southern hospitality? Busted Oak Cellars is just a few minutes away from most homes. Come with your significant other or a close circle of friends, and experience the unbeatable winery and dine-in options. If that isn't enough to consider this venue, you can count on the many nightlife events at this location.
Another popular joint in Round Top is Royers Pie Haven. This is a place where you can enjoy a coffee under a big oak tree or a piece of pie next to a beautiful metal pieman.
For shoppers, you can never run short of places to grab rare antiques and fashionable boutiques for your family and yourself. Want cowgirl or cowboy boots? Look no further; Junk Gypsy has you covered!

Things to Do

It’s impossible to mention Round Rock without diving into the incredible antique fairs. Imagine how lucky and fascinating it is to live in a town that hosts the famous Spring & Fall Round Top Antique Fairs. The fairs surge the small town's population from 100 to more than a hundred thousand. The twice-a-year opportunity is a unique time to shop for exceptional antiques, fine art, home décor, and other incredible historical artifacts.
The 4th of July Parade is another amazing event that's a can’t-miss for residents. It features the longest parade west of Mississippi, offering you and the family a moment like no other to refresh your mind with the eye-catching processions.
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